A large professional foundry at Q&H Foundry. Cast iron works 34,000 square meters, annual production capacity of 60,000 tons, cast steel engineering 66,667 square meters, annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of professional foundry, the production of various grades of gray iron, ductile iron and steel castings.

Our foundry adopts the molding process of resin sand production line and clay sand to meet customers' requirements for product structure, size and wall thickness. The melting process of the 3 ton medium frequency electric furnace makes the smelting process of various gray iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials stably and effectively controlled. Rotary, hanging, and drum shot blasting equipment to ensure effective cleaning of products of different shapes and configurations. Through various advanced testing equipments, each key production link is strictly controlled, so that the product quality is reliably guaranteed.

  • Core making workshop

  • Lron-casting workshop

  • Alkaline phenolix resin sand molding line

  • 5T/10T Electric arc furnace+15T LF Refining Furnace

  • Sand preparing system

  • Pouring cooling system

Mould warehouse

Mould machining

Our foundry has the ability to design and manufacture mode, more than 10 sets of CNC machining of the model units of equipment such as CNC gantry machining center, develop more each year more than 300 sets of models to meet different from domestic and overseas customers.

Horizontal machining center

DMC1035v vertical machining center

CNC boring machine

Our foundry Plant was specially established cast iron and cast steel two machining workshop for the convenience of ou customers and provide them machining service with high quality.Two machining workshop has more than 300 employees, separately covers 7050 square meters and 8010 square meters, production area owns various common machines such as vertical/horizontal machining center, CNC lathes, boring machine, gantry milling machine ,more than 130 high precision machining equipments,which make Q&H can do high-precision machining from raw casting iron/steel products.CMM, Profile tester, balancing machine and Pressure Tester so as to meet the strict requirements from customers.
factory has the capablility to design the whole machining process and owns a special shop to supply machining tooling/fixtures and gauges for each machining process.

  • CS Rapid Anglysis Device

  • Spectroscopic Analysis Device

  • Sand Testing Apparatus

  • Metallurgical Microscope

World-class testing technologies

factory Manufacture has established a world leading products testing center which is provided with many testing equipments include: three-coordinate measuring machine, metallurgical microscope, CS rapid anglysis device, magnetic particle testing apparatus, X-Ray testing apparatus.Ultrasonic testing apparatus,all kinds of mechanical performance testing apparatus and sand performance testing apparatus, the product testing is applied to each production process.

Hardness Testing Machine

Magnetic Particle Testing Apparatus

Leeb Hardness Testing Apparatus

Ultrasonic Testing Apparatus

X-Ray Testing Apparatus

Hardness Testing Machine

Spectroscopic Analysis Device

Roughness Testing Apparatus

Salt Spray Testing Machine

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Impact Testing Machine

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From the first to the current generation,we carry out the same motto: 'It doesn'tmatter whát you want us to make, as long as we're allowed to do it well.' A mentality that has made us grow from a small iron and steel foundry into an international supplier of end products with high-quality alloys. In other words: custom casting!