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    Qutou Industry Zone, Bagong Town, Jincheng, Shanxi, China

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    +86 137-5348-1955 (Penny Li)

    +86 138-3420-0763 (Angla Wang)

    +86 158-5030-4572 (Derek Vince)

    +86 0351-406-3772 (Office Phone)

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    +44 778-9882-711 (Mark Wilson)

    +44 777-1908-123 (Paul Rogers)

    +44 143-8820-822 (Office Phone)


From the first to the current generation,we carry out the same motto: 'It doesn'tmatter whát you want us to make, as long as we're allowed to do it well.' A mentality that has made us grow from a small iron and steel foundry into an international supplier of end products with high-quality alloys. In other words: custom casting!